2328 Small Chewy Log

$6.99 USD

The 2328 Small Chewy Log from Bonka Bird Toys is a fun and interactive toy that will keep your feathered friend entertained for hours.Made from safe and bird-friendly materials, this toy is perfect for chewing, climbing, and playing. The sturdy metal ring and quick link attachment make it easy to install in your pet's cage, and the colorful alphabet blocks and bubble stars add an extra element of fun. Your bird will love exploring all the different textures and materials, and you'll love watching them have a blast! The 2328 Small Chewy Log from Bonka Bird Toys packs a ton of beak and talon-pleasing materials for your feathered flyer! This small-sized bird toy has a small log of seagrass and fun items for your pet's enjoyment. The top of this bird toy has a quick link attachment making for fast installation in your pet's aviary. A sturdy metal ring hangs from the quick link attachment that hangs (2) sturdy link chains. These link chains hang down to the sides of the seagrass log and are adorned with colorful alphabet blocks and colorful bubble stars. Each chain has (1) interstar and (1) an alphabet block that can easily move up and down the chain. The chains hang from the seagrass log by (2) sturdy metal rings. The seagrass log on the bird toy is (3) inches wide with a (.75) inch diameter! There are (2) sets of twine keeping the seagrass bundled tightly together. This log is perfect for pet birds to grab onto with their beaks and feet, as seagrass is an ideal foraging and chewing material. Whether your pet is perching on the log, playing with the charms on the chain, or admiring the neat design, the 2328 Small Chewy Log is sure to entertain! This bird toy is 100% bird safe and measures about (3.25) inches wide, (2) inches deep, with a (7) inch height.

  • Great log of seagrass!
  • Perfect for busy talons and beaks.
  • Super cool perch and swing.
  • 100% bird safe.