2312 Mini Star Shred

$10.39 USD $12.99

Embark on an intergalactic journey right from your bird's cage with the 2312 Mini Star Shred from Bonka Bird Toys. Specially designed for the curious beaks of small to medium-sized birds, this toy promises to bring the universe of fun to your avian pal. With its slim profile, it easily fits in any cage, offering a world of exploration and entertainment.

Key Features:

  • Cosmic Design: Featuring medium bubble stars atop a shreddy roll of paper, sandwiched between another bubble star, this toy brings outer space to your bird's playtime.
  • Interactive Fun: The smooth, movable bubble stars entice your pet to engage, while the roll of shreddy paper offers hours of pulling and tearing joy.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted with a sturdy chain and quality plastic components, ensuring long-lasting fun.
  • Auditory Delight: A metal ring at the bottom with a medium-colored plastic chain ends in a delightful jingle, adding an auditory element to play.

Benefits for Your Bird:

  • Encourages natural foraging behaviors.
  • Stimulates mental and physical activity, combating cage boredom.
  • Promotes healthy play and exercise.
  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a safe play environment.

Product Specifications:

  • Suitable for small to medium-sized birds.
  • Height: 12 inches, offering substantial vertical play.
  • Width: 2.50 inches, slim enough to fit in any cage setup.
  • Weight: Under 4 ounces, lightweight yet sturdy.

The 2312 Mini Star Shred is not just a bird toy; it's a ticket to endless entertainment, offering a safe and stimulating play area for your bird. With its vibrant colors and engaging design, this toy is sure to become a firm favorite in your bird's collection.

Transform your bird's cage into a space station with the 2312 Mini Star Shred from Bonka Bird Toys, where every playtime is an adventure waiting to happen.