2248 Duo Bagel Chew Bird Toy by Bonka Bird Toys - Colorful and Entertaining Toy for Small to Medium Birds

$12.99 USD

2248 Duo Bagel Chew - A Vibrant Paradise for Your Feathered Companion

Enticing Playtime Awaits Your Bird! The 2248 Duo Bagel Chew from Bonka Bird Toys is the ultimate playmate for your small to medium-sized birds. This toy is not just an accessory; it's a vibrant world of fun that will captivate your bird's attention and satisfy their chewing instincts.

A Symphony of Colors and Textures

  • Dual Chewable Bagels: At the heart of this toy are two medium-sized, perfectly chewable bagels. These are the main attraction, offering hours of nibbling pleasure.
  • Spinning Wooden Slats: Adorning these bagels are colorful wooden slats that spin intriguingly, providing visual stimulation and physical interaction.
  • Beads and Gears Galore: Sprinkled throughout are colorful crystal beads and gears, adding to the toy’s dynamic nature and encouraging exploration.
  • Straw and Leather Delights: Encircling the structure are plastic straws and a knotted leather strand, presenting varied textures for your bird to peck and pull at.

Product Specifications:

  • Height: Approximately 15 inches
  • Width: Approximately 4 inches
  • Attachment: Comes complete with a quick link for effortless cage placement.

Benefits of the 2248 Duo Bagel Chew:

  • Keeps your bird engaged with its pull-able and chewable features.
  • Offers a rich variety of materials for a satisfying play experience.
  • The bright, assorted colors not only please your bird’s eyes but also enhance the aesthetics of their habitat.
  • Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a safe playtime.

Ideal For:

  • Birds that love to chew and pull, like Parakeets, Lovebirds, and Cockatiels.
  • Bird owners looking for a safe, stimulating, and attractive toy for their feathered friends.
  • Adding a burst of color and activity to any bird cage.