2232 Holey Heart

$14.24 USD $18.99

The 2232 Holey Heart from Bonka Bird Toys is an enchanting, oversized heart-shaped toy, masterfully crafted for your large, adored feathered companions. This vibrant heart, combining both cardboard and wood elements, is artistically adorned with wooden chew slats and intricately knotted soft cotton ropes, presenting a medley of textures that will captivate and satisfy your bird's beak. Designed for substantial birds like Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, and others of similar stature, it boasts generous dimensions of approximately 19.50 inches in height and 6.50 inches in width. This makes it an ideal chew toy for these majestic creatures.

More than just a toy, the 2232 Holey Heart is a sanctuary of enjoyment and mental stimulation for your bird, promoting healthy chewing habits and alleviating boredom. Its 100% bird-safe construction ensures peace of mind, while the included quick link facilitates effortless placement in your bird's cage. Immerse your beloved avian friends in the joy and excitement this toy brings, enhancing their habitat and enriching their daily life.

  • Great beak-pleasing textures.
  • A colorful toy that has lots to offer.
  • 100% Bird safe.
  • Quick link for easy cage placement.