2215 Duck Pinata

$13.99 USD

Introducing the 2215 Duck Piñata from Bonka Bird Toys – a vibrant and interactive playtime experience designed to delight your feathered friend. This medium-sized bird toy brings a burst of color and excitement to your bird's habitat, offering a shreddable party that's perfect for your beaked buddy.

Crafted with your bird's enjoyment in mind, the 2215 Duck Piñata features an abundance of shreddy materials that are sure to thrill your pet bird. From crinkly paper to a cylindrical piñata structure, complete with a charming little duck perched on top, this toy is a sensory wonderland that your bird will love exploring. The added small bell at the bottom adds a touch of auditory stimulation, making it an excellent choice for birds with busy beaks that enjoy surprises.

The 2215 Duck Piñata is designed to ensure your bird's safety and well-being, crafted from bird-safe materials that guarantee peace of mind. With dimensions of approximately:

  • Height: 14 inches
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Weight: 3 ounces

This piñata bird toy is a substantial and engaging addition to your bird's environment. Its big and colorful design provides ample opportunities for beak and foot engagement, allowing your bird to explore, shred, and have a fantastic time.

Bonka Bird Toys is synonymous with quality and safety, and the 2215 Duck Piñata lives up to this reputation. Crafted to meet the highest standards, this toy is designed to withstand playful interactions and provide hours of joy for your avian companion.

Join the community of satisfied bird owners who have witnessed the joy and fascination the 2215 Duck Piñata brings to their feathered friends. Elevate your bird's habitat with this captivating and interactive toy, tailored to provide both physical and mental stimulation.

Discover the enchantment of Bonka Bird Toys and treat your bird to a world of play and exploration. Enhance their living space with the 2215 Duck Piñata, and watch as they immerse themselves in a world of color, texture, and engaging surprises.

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