2213 Pk 6 Raffia Brush

$4.24 USD $4.99

The 2213 Pk 6 Raffia Brush from Bonka Bird Toys are delightful uncomplicated foot toys for your beaked compadre! The pack includes (6) raffia brushes ready to be used. Raffia is an all natural material from the palm tree and is an ideal bird foot toy. The delicate material can easily be bent and chewed apart making it wonderful for birds of all ages and abilities. These raffia brushes are uncolored and have a great natural tan color. Each brush has lots of strips of raffia that have been folded over into a simple brush. A piece of twine knots at the top keeping the brush shape. With (6) brushes in the pack you'll be able to experiment with the best way for you and your pet to play with them! The 2213 pk6 Raffia Brush is 100% bird safe.

Height: (3.5) or (3 1/2) inches

Width: (1)inches

Depth: (1) inches

Weight: Under (2) ounces

* Pack of (6) natural palm raffia brushes.

* Great straightforward foot toys.

* Perfect for older and disabled pets.

* Weighs under (2) ounces.

* Measures about (3.5) inches long by (1) inches deep.