2162 Large Luffa Party

$21.99 USD

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The 2162 Large Luffa Party from Bonka Bird Toys is a breathtaking assortment of chewable materials for your large-sized beaked buddy. The bird toy is quite long at approximately (18.5) inches and occupies space within the aviary wonderfully. Hanging is painless with the included quick link attachment right at the top of the bird toy. A link chain hangs from this attachment and strings through the center of all the objects on the toy ending in a metal ring on the bottom. Your pet will find a whole assortment of different types of chunky chewing materials all on the toy. There are colorful wooden disks that are great for chewing. Strips of thick woven palm leaf rope are waiting to be grabbed. Colorful stacks of thin paper will spring back when pulled. Separating all of these are big chunks of luffa sponge. Luffa is an all-natural material and great for pet birds. The colors, materials, and shapes are sure to excite! The 2162 Large Luffa Party is 100% bird safe.

  • Impressive large chewing bird toy.
  • Great combination of colors and textures.
  • Perfect for pulling.
  • Weighs under (9) ounces.
  • Measures about (18.5) inches tall, (4) inches wide and (3) inches deep.