2157 Coco Slat Cluster

$38.99 USD


The 2157 Coco Slat Cluster from Bonka Bird Toys is a cascading explosion of chewing fun for your medium to a large-sized feathered friend! The assorted rainbow colors, beak pleasing textures, and awesome shape make the 2157 Coco Slat Cluster a sure hit! The top of the toy has a quick link attachment letting you hang the toy quickly and easily. A sturdy chain hangs from the attachment and connects to the short-chain link that serves as the main connection point for the toy. Long strands of natural rope hang all over and are strung through the different chewing materials. The strands are knotted off, holding a bundle of (2) colorful wooden rectangles and (1) coconut shell chip between each knot. The design of the toy lets your pet tug and pull on any of the materials. The 2157 Coco Slat Cluster is 100% bird safe.

  • Amazing chewing center.
  • Crazy design and lots of colors.
  • Beak focused textures.
  • Weighs under (32) ounces.
  • Measures about (14) inches tall by (8) inches wide.