2149 6 Inch Chew Tunnel

$4.99 USD

The 2149 6 Inch Chew Tunnel from Bonka Bird Toys is a basic and straightforward cardboard tunnel that's perfect for small birds of any age. 2149 will match any cage decor with their soft colors. The tunnel has been made with a compressed cardboard that will hold its shape as your pet plays on it. It's also soft enough for your pet's beak to chew on! The tunnel measures (6) inches long with a (2.625) diameter. Tunnels like this can be placed anywhere in your pet's cage. It can be used as a passage underneath different materials or a fun tube ladder to get to a different level. Materials can be stuffed inside of the tube for foraging fun. The tube can even cut up for any purpose you like! 2149 weighs under (3) ounces and is 100% bird safe. The 2149 6 Inch Chew Tunnel does ship in assorted colors, all of them bird pleasing!

  • Simple bird bagel tunnel!
  • Great soft colors.
  • Tons of different uses.
  • 100% bird safe.