2138 Big Circle Chew

$14.99 USD

The 2138 Big Circle Chew from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful chewing natural delight for your medium to large-sized feathered friend. This bird toy has lots of colors and plenty of shreddable material for your pet bird. The top of this bird toy has a quick link connector for fast and easy hanging. The toy hangs from this link connector and is set up in a wreath design. All around the wreath your pet bird will find lots of different materials. There are large vine balls that are brightly colored and 100% natural. The vine balls are great for stuffing your pet's favorite shredding or chewing material inside of and ideal for chewing beaks. There are many knots of natural cotton and sisal rope that are all brightly colored and perfect for preening. Your pet will love to perch in the middle of the hanging chew and look around at all the fun chewing materials around them! All pet birds need to exercise their foraging and chewing instincts and this bird toy does just that. It's also very important to keep your pet bird very entertained with stimulating materials and bright colors.

The 2138 Big Circle Chew is 100% bird safe ships in bright bird pleasing assorted colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (10) inches

Width: (9.5) or (9 1/2) inches

Depth: (2) inches

Weight: Under (7) ounces

  • A colorful chew toy that will brighten up his environment.
  • Multiple beak pleasing textures.
  • All bird safe materials.
  • Quick link for easy cage placement.