2108 12pk 1 Inch Tube Bagels

$5.99 USD

The 2108 12pk 1.5 Inch Tube Bagels from Bonka Bird Toys are excellent foot toys for your feathered friend! The bright colors and great chewable material makes the 2108 awesome bird foot toys. Each bagel is made with compressed cardboard that has been formed into (1.5) inch tubes. Your pet will love to pull apart the many cardboard layers and shred it apart. The outside of each bagel is brightly colored making it stand out in any cage environment. The uses for the bagels are endless, from being used as regular foot toys to hanging them up with different materials. You can easily add them to different parts of the cage and other large toys. They can be broken up and used as chewable foraging material. They're so well made that you can even use them for your own art and craft projects! The 2108 12pk 1.5 Inch Tube Bagel each measure about (1.5) inches long with a (1) inch depth.

  • Includes 12 brightly colored 1 Inch Tube Chew Bagels.
  • Easy to pickup and chew.
  • Great bright colors.
  • 100% bird safe.