2017 Small Seagrass Cylinder

$4.99 USD


2017 Small Seagrass Cylinder, this open-ended seagrass tube has multiple uses, it can be used in your bird toy crafting projects or just as a foraging foot - talon toy for your small to medium-sized feathered friends. This all-natural seagrass cylinder is bird safe and offers a healthy chew option, and it measures approximately 8 inches long with a diameter of 2 inches.

  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY CHEW HABIT - Birds instinctively like to chew, this gives them a safe option.
  • FOOT - TALON TOY - Inexpensive and multiple foraging options will surely entertain your cherished friends.
  • ALL BIRD SAFE MATERIAL - Natural, chewable Seagrass.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Use in bird toy making projects, add to existing toys.