1935 Ring Me Sneaker

$4.99 USD

The 1935 Ring Me Sneaker from Bonka Bird Toys is a soft and pullable bird toy for your small sized feathered friend! This great compact bird toy has great features to keep your little beaked buddy entertained! This small bird toy includes a quick link connector that lets you hang it in the cage fast. A small metal ring hangs from this connector and loops through the top of the sneaker. This sturdy metal ring has (2) colorful plastic rings hanging from it too! The sneaker itself comes in an assorted color all of them bright and bird pleasing. The sneaker is 100% bird safe, made from all natural cotton and has been brightly color to entice your pet and stand out in any cage!. There is a real soft rubber sole on the sneaker and actual laces that string through the front and can be tied. These laces have more of the great colorful plastic beads hanging from them. Your pet will love to feel the beads in their beak and feet as they all have smooth surfaces and super bright colors. This bird toy is perfect for adding to small size cage to brighten up the space.

The 1935 Ring Me Sneaker is 100% bird safe, comes in assorted colors and measures approximately:

Length from the metal ring to the bottom of the hanging laces: (5.5) inches or (5 1/2) inches

Width at its widest: (1) inch

Depth at it deepest: (3) inches