1859 Large Block Tower

$21.99 USD

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1859 Large Block Tower, a colorful and entertaining toy for any cage, your large or medium-sized bird will just love to climb, chew, pluck, and forage throughout this landscape of color. Chewable wooden blocks are interwoven with soft cotton rope and colored sisal, it is sure to grab your birds attention. Measures approximately 19 inches high by 6 inches wide come complete with a sturdy link chain and a quick link for easy cage placement.
  • ACTIVITY CENTER - Designed to stimulate physically, challenge mentally, and entertain endlessly.
  • A VISUAL ATTRACTION - Beguile your bird with distinctive shapes and vibrant colors.
  • TOUGH BIRD TOY -Thick colorful wood blocks are strung with sisal and cotton rope for an Avian beak workout.
  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY CHEW HABIT - Birds instinctively like to chew, this gives them a safe option.
  • QUICK LINK - Easy placement of toy whether in or out of the cage.