1821 Medium Card Tower

$14.99 USD

The 1821 Medium Card Tower From Bonka Bird Toys is the perfect toy for those medium-sized feathered friends in your family that like to chew!!!. This cool toy starts with a sisal rope that works as a column running through the entire toy. Starting with a total of (26) cardboard sheet pieces interspersed with (24) colorful wooden slat pieces, the 1821 Medium Card Tower is a great toy to model and keep your feathered friend entertained and comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.


1821 Medium Card Tower From Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (9) inches
Width: (3) inches

Weight: Under (12) ounces


They will love to chew, climb, hang, perch, swing, and play with this toy.
Chewable wood and cardboard make this a 100% bird-friendly toy.
Birds instinctively like to chew, this gives them a safe option.
Great beak-pleasing textures.
Easy Quick Links