1817 Banger Bird Toy

$10.99 USD

1817 Banger bird toy will be a pulling sensation that your medium-sized feathered friend will not forget. Two Stainless steel measuring cups are linked through and decorated with colorful acrylic pacifiers, just from the movement and sound your favorite friend will be intrigued with this toy. Measures approximately 11 inches high by 3 inches wide, comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - Stainless Steel cups, sturdy linked chain and acrylic pacifiers.
  • TUG-O-WAR ACTION - Movement and noise will intrigue your feathered friend to no end.
  • ALL BIRD SAFE MATERIALS - Durable construction with non-toxic materials make this toy very bird friendly.
  • EASILY MAINTAINED - Tough and long-lasting, it will become a main stay in his cage.