1810 Noisy Three Ball

$16.99 USD

1810 Noisy three ball is just an awesome all around interactive toy, three brightly colored open finished noise making balls with a medium sized bell attached to each are loosely put together with large link colored plastic chain and an explosion of bird safe colored paper shredded rope, intertwined with solid colored plastic beads. Noisy three balls will be a great stimulus for your medium to large sized pet, all the benefits of chewing, pulling, climbing and swinging are merely the beginning, you can use the three open noisy balls for foraging, feeding and treat hiding. Comes with a quick link attachment for easy cage placement, measures approximately 14 inches high by 9 inches wide.

  • Multi-purpose toy.
  • All bird safe construction.
  • A great moveable noise maker.
  • Quick link attachment for easy placement.