1769 Jumbo Sisal Rope Swing

$16.99 USD


1769 Jumbo Sisal Rope Swing: A Haven for Climbing and Chewing

Elevate your bird's playtime with the 1769 Jumbo Sisal Rope Swing from Bonka Bird Toys, a masterpiece of simplicity and natural design. This large, chewable rope swing brings the joy of swinging, climbing, and chewing into your bird's living space. Crafted for durability and safety, it's the perfect addition to any aviary looking to enrich the lives of its feathered occupants.

Designed for Durability and Fun

The swing features a robust metal wire backbone, ensuring it holds up to the most enthusiastic play. Wrapped generously in natural sisal rope, it offers a comfortable grip for your bird's feet, making it ideal for climbing, hanging, or simply enjoying a leisurely swing. The natural texture of the sisal rope also encourages your bird to chew, aiding in beak health and providing endless entertainment.

Easy Installation with Bird-Safe Materials

Installation is a breeze with the heavy-duty quick link connector, allowing for fast and secure hanging. From the connector, a sturdy link chain extends down to the swing and continues to a metal ring with a colorful plastic ring for added visual interest. The entire setup is designed with your bird's safety in mind, using 100% bird-safe materials.

Encourages Natural Behaviors

The swing's large circular perch, measuring 20 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 1 inch in depth, encourages natural behaviors such as balancing and provides ample space for your bird to explore and play. The large chunky knot at the bottom, complete with sisal fray, adds an extra element of interest and texture for your bird to enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Large, sisal-wrapped ring swing for easy gripping and chewing.
  • Sturdy metal wire backbone for durability.
  • Heavy-duty quick link connector for easy aviary installation.
  • Encourages balance, climbing, and natural chewing behavior.
  • 100% bird-safe materials for peace of mind.

Bring the 1769 Jumbo Sisal Rope Swing into your bird's habitat and watch as they discover new ways to play, chew, and balance, all while enjoying the comfort and safety of this thoughtfully designed toy.