1769 Jumbo Sisal Rope Swing

$16.99 USD


The 1769 Jumbo Sisal Rope Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a large and chewable rope swing. This straightforward swing is large in size and wrapped in natural sisal rope. At the top of the swing, there is a heavy-duty quick link connector for fast hanging in the aviary. From here a heavy sturdy link chain hangs down and connects to the rope swing via its sturdy metal wire backbone. The chain continues and hangs a sturdy metal ring with a colorful plastic ring dangling below it. The perch itself is a large circle made from a sturdy metal wire that’s bound with natural Sisal rope. Sisal is a natural material that’s great for pet birds for climbing, chewing, hanging, and gripping. On the bottom of the swing in the middle, there is a large chunky knot with sisal fray coming from below. Simple swings like these are excellent for birds to practice balance.

The 1769 Jumbo Sisal Rope Swing is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (20) inches

Width: (13) inches

Depth: (1) inch

Weight: Under (16) ounces

Large Sisal wrapped ring swing.
Straightforward design.
Easy for pets to grab & hang.
100% bird safe.