1719 Rope Chain Waterfall

$22.99 USD

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The 1719 Rope Chain Waterfall from Bonka Bird Toys is an amazing pullable colorful blast for your medium-sized feathered friend! This bird toy has lots of great bright colors and easy to grab materials that pet birds love. The top of this medium bird toy has a heavy-duty quick link connector for fast and easy hanging in the cage. A small link chain hangs down from this connector and strings down through the center of the toy. At the top and bottom of this chain, there are lots of translucent acrylic dice and colorful wooden beads that are great fun to chew on. On the very bottom of this chain, there is a small metal ring with a knot of all-natural cotton rope perfect for pulling and preening. In the middle of the toy, there is a natural wooden dowel that has lots of wooden holes drilled through it. This wooden dowel has many knots of the colorful natural cotton rope on the main part and (2) natural white cotton rope knots on either side of the toy. These rope knots have small screws in metal eyelids with colorful plastic chains hanging from them. Your pet will also find strips of natural leather knotted in the wooden dowel. With the main center chain, there are (6) other small sturdy link chains hanging on the 1719 Rope Chain Waterfall. These link chains have lots of smaller sized plastic pieces and colorful wooden beads. On the bottom of each of these chains are metal rings that have cotton knots, metal bells, and acrylic charms. All of the amazing materials and colors on this bird toy are sure to excite! The 1719 Rope Chain Waterfall is 100% bird safe and measures about (18) inches tall, (8.5) inches wide with a (2) inch depth.

  • A colorful chewable blast!
  • Tons of beak and feet focused items.
  • Great for brightening up any part of the cage.
  • 100% bird safe.