1674 20inch Parrot Rope Perch

$8.99 USD

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The 1674 20 Inch Rope Perch from Bonka Bird Toys is a bird appealing bendable rope perch. This rope perch is easy to climb and bend! On both ends of the perch there are durable mounting caps. The rope perch has been inserted and very securely mounted inside of each end cap. The other side of the end cap screws off revealing a large grooved threaded core. This threaded core slips in between cage bars and grips on by firmly screwing the cap back on to the threads. This design prevents pet birds from undoing the screw cap and lets you make bends in the perch as its being mounted. The perch itself is made from a sturdy metal wire that has been tightly bound with all natural colorful cotton rope. The perch can bend in many different ways as long as its curved remain smooth and round. The cotton rope that the wire has been wrapped with makes for a great bird climbing surface with its grooved chunky texture.

The 1674 20 Inch Rope Perch is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Rope Perch Portion Length:(20) inches

Length from end to end: (22.75) or (22 3/4) inches

Rope Perch Diameter: (0.75) or (3/4) inches

Weight: Under (6) ounces

  • Bendable & colorful rope perch.
  • Durable mounting caps included.
  • Chewable & grabbable colorful cotton rope.
  • 100% bird safe.