1633 Large Sunshine

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The 1633 Large Sunshine from Bonka Bird Toys is an exemplary chewing large-sized bird toy for your beaked buddy! This bird toy stands out in any aviary with its bright colors and bird enticing design. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector included for fast hanging in the cage. From here a sturdy link chain hangs down to a metal eyelid that's screwed into the top of the main body of the bird toy. The adorable and beak enticing body of the toy is made from a (1/2) inch thick solid plank of wood! This natural wood has been brightly colored to stand out and has a cute happy face right on the front. On the bottom of the sunflower piece, there are (6) drilled holes each with a natural strip of leather strung through. The leather has been knotted at either end and holds (2) colorful natural wooden chew beads. Hanging on the bottom are (2) sturdy link chains that pass through drilled holes and have tons of chewing items adorning each leg. Your pet bird will find stacks of colorful wooden chew beads and colorful wooden chew disks. At the end of these (4) chains, links are sturdy rings giving you a perfect place to hang more items from the toy! The awesome combination of bird-safe materials, bright colors, and easy to interact parts make this toy a chewing delight!

The 1633 Large Sunshine is 100% bird-safe, and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (18) inches

Width: (7) inches

Depth: (3) inches

Weight: Under (14) ounces

Superb large-sized chewing bird toy.
Tons of bird-safe colorful wood.
(4) legs of chewing pulling fun.
100% birds safe.