1513 Tuff Spoon Tower

$22.99 USD

The 1513 Tuff Spoon Tower from Bonka Bird Toys is a tower of pulling, durable, and colorful fun for your medium to large-sized beaked buddy! This bright and durable bird toy will last for many play sessions with its well-made parts and cage-centric design. Tug-and-pull radiant acrylic rings and stainless steel spoons adorn two colorful foraging tuff balls. When your pet pulls on one end of these link chains, the other side will slide up, making for an exciting time! This bird toy's pull action will enthrall your pet for hours and hours. 1513 cleans up quickly and easily with its durable parts and is 100% bird-safe. This bird toy weighs under (14) ounces and measures 15 inches high by 5 inches wide.

  • It is an ideal toy for African Greys, Pionus, Eclectus, and similar.
  • The bright and colorful components will entice those busy beaks.
  • Easily maintained, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Bonka Bird Toys designs are 100% bird-safe.
  • Quick link for easy placement.