1489 Small Happy Hut

$8.99 USD


1489 Small Happy Hut is a super snuggly hideout that your bird will just love, a soft bird safe fabric is hung in a tent style with two sturdy linked chains and quick link attachments. The base of the hideout has an acrylic insert for stability and safety, decorated throughout the hanging chains are plastic charms and soft cotton rope strands. This super deluxe hideaway is available in four colors and three different sizes. Small 1489 - Medium 1163 - Large 1162. It measures approximately 6 inches long by 4 inches wide with an inside height of 4.5 inches, total height, when hung is 12 inches.

  • A super snuggly hideout.
  • Keeps birds warm, sheltered and protected.
  • All bird safe construction.
  • Two quick links for easy cage placement.