1462 Duo Mini Clacker

$27.99 USD

The 1462 Duo Mini Clacker from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful tower of stainless steel and acrylic fun for your small to medium sized feathered friend! This medium bird toy has lots of different materials and colors to keep your pet happy and entertained. For fast hanging a quick link connector is included right at the top of the bird toy. A sturdy small link chain hangs from this connector and continues down to a sturdy metal ring. This metal ring has another small sturdy link chain hanging from it coming down to another metal ring. Each of these metal rings support the 4-way plastic joints at (2) different levels on this bird toy. Each of these plastic joints have (2) sturdy link chains strung through them. At either end of each of these chains are small metal rings that hang the great bird pleasing items! Your pet will find (8) high quality stainless steel measuring cups and (8) beautiful acrylic pacifiers dangling from all the sides of the 4-way plastic joints. The 4-way joints and acrylic pacifiers are all translucent creating an amazing effect with all of the bright and reflective surfaces. As your pet pulls on one end of the hanging chains the other end will pull up making for even more fun and noise! The 1462 Duo Mini Clacker is 100% bird safe and measures about (12) inches tall with a varying (4.5) inch width.

The plastic joints and acrylic pacifiers do ship in assorted colors all of them bright and bird pleasing.

  • Amazing bird pleasing colors.
  • Great pulling action.
  • High quality stainless steel & beautiful acrylic pacifiers.
  • 100% bird safe.