1381 Huge Bone Bridge

$76.99 USD

The 1381 Huge Bone Bridge is a giant array of chewable and grabbable materials for your large sized feathered companion! This giant playground of color and chew is a huge party for any large pet bird. The top of the huge bone bridge has a large heavy duty quick link connector. This connector holds the weight of the toy and has a heavy duty sturdy link chain hanging from it. This link chain continues down through the center of the toy ending with a large sturdy metal ring that has a big metal liberty bell hanging from it. This bell comes in a liberty bell or cowbell design both of them super bird pleasing!

On the center chain there are (3) large colorful wooden beads. There are also large colorful wooden beads at the top of each of the large sturdy metal rings that pass through drilled holes in the big rawhide chew. Right in the middle at the top is a large piece of all natural rolled rawhide. This rawhide is a perfect material for pets to grab and chew and holds up to lots of play with its firm nature.

At the top of the (6) colorful wooden beads at the top of the raw hide are large metal rings. These metal rings have all natural twine tied off in knots on them. Your pets will love to grab and pull on these easy to grab knots and chew on all of the different colorful wooden beads. The metal rings at the top of each of the wooden beads hang a sturdy link chain each that pass through the large rawhide chew.

The (6) sturdy link chains that hang downward from the rawhide chew are packed with tons of beak pleasing items! Your pets will find all sorts of different colored wooden shapes from rectangles to disks to trapezoids and more! As all of the wooden chew items are hanging from metal chains as your pet chews and tugs the huge bone bridge it will move all about making lots of excitement.

The 1381 Huge Bone Bridge is 100% bird safe and weighs over (6) lbs! This huge bird toy measures about (30) inches tall, (16) inches wide and a varying (4) inches deep. The wooden chew pieces come in assorted sizes and colors all of them bird pleasing!

  • A huge amount of color and fun!
  • Tons of wooden chew pieces.
  • Giant rolled raw hide chew.
  • 100% bird safe.

Excluded locations: Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO/FPO, PO Box and Puerto Rico