1376 Triple Tea

$17.99 USD

The 1376 Triple Tea from Bonka Bird Toys is a visually eye-popping medium bird toy for your feathery amigo! The translucent plastic, assorted colors, and reflective metals make this toy a visual masterpiece. The bird toy includes a quick link attachment right at the top of the toy-making hanging easy. A metal chain hangs from the link and continues through the center of the toy ending in a metal loop and colorful plastic pacifier. A colorful bead and small plastic flower sit on top of the first plastic T-joint. This joint has a small chain strung through horizontally hanging the rest of the toy. These chains hang down to another plastic joint on the left and right of the bird toy, stringing through clear plastic shapes and more plastic flowers. The joints hanging below also have chains stringing through horizontally. These chains have metal loops with measuring spoons and plastic pacifiers hanging off. Whenever your pet pulls on any part of the toy, it will pull and move other parts of the toy making for a very exciting time! The 1376 Triple Tea is 100% bird safe. This bird toy ships in an assorted color so what you receive may look slightly different than the pictures.

  • Amazing looking medium bird toy.
  • Brilliant collection of clear plastics and metal.
  • Makes bird pleasing noise and colors when played with.
  • Weighs under (8) ounces.
  • Measures about (15) inches tall, (7) inches wide and (1) inch deep.