1328 Pk3 Seagrass Ball

$7.99 USD

The 1328 3pk Seagrass Ball from Bonka Bird Toys are versatile and easy to play with foot toys for your feathered friend! These bird foot toys are made of 100% natural material and are perfectly safe to chew, bite and shred apart! Each seagrass ball is a thick band of seagrass rolled into a ball. All around the ball is a seagrass rope that twists and turns. The rope helps the ball keep it shape, especially during rough play sessions. The rope and ball feel great in beaks and feet making for an ideal chewing texture. The balls are easy to hang around the cage or on other toys. They can even be cut up and used as chunks of chewing material. Additionally, they can be used for arts and crafts projects too! Each ball may look slightly different than the next as they are natural items.

  • Natural seagrass rope.
  • No filling material.
  • Natural and bird safe.
  • Weighs under (6) ounces.
  • Measures about (3) inches in diameter.