1327 Power Muncher

$89.99 USD

The 1327 Power Muncher from Bonka Bird Toys is a giant collection of bird-pleasing objects and materials for your large feathered friend! This bird toy is large and in charge with its massive array of colorful wooden chew blocks and tons of cotton rope. The top of this giant bird toy has a heavy-duty quick link attachment included. This hangs a sturdy link chain that comes down the middle of the bird toy ending in a metal loop with a medium metal bell hanging from it. This link chain is adorned with colorful wooden chew blocks throughout its length and hangs the (2) large colorful wooden dowels.

The (2) colorful wooden dowels have (5) holes drilled in them each, with lots of different materials passing through them. There are many colorful wooden rollers on the wooden dowel on the top of the bird toy. These rollers have natural bright cotton rope and a sturdy link chain. The rollers with the cotton rope passing through them have large knots with cotton rope frays hanging from the ends. The wooden rollers with the link chain passing through them have sturdy metal rings at their tops. These sturdy metal rings have knots of colorful and white natural cotton rope hanging, working as perfect pulling objects!

The first wooden dowel has (4) different link chains and (4) different cotton ropes stringing through it. The link chains are either, and both hang approximately (19) inch-long strands packed with cotton knots and wooden chew blocks of all sizes and colors. The (4) cotton rope legs start with big chunky knots hanging right below the wooden dowel. These cotton rope runs also have tons of colorful wooden chew pieces supported by large knots.

Each wooden dowel is separated by (2) sizeable wooden chew pieces. The second lower wooden dowel has the same configuration as the top, with the same (4) link chains and (4) cotton rope legs stringing through it and hanging below. Right in the middle of the enormous bird toy is a fun medium metal bell with even more wooden chew blocks above it.

The 1327 Power Muncher is 100% bird safe and measures and weighs approximately:

Height from the bottom of a quick link to the bottom of the bird toy: (37) inches

Width at its widest: Roughly (15) inches depending on how it hangs

Depth at its deepest: Roughly (6) inches depending on how it hangs

Weight: under (10) lbs or (160) ounces

A massive collection of color and chew!
Heavy Duty Quick Links
Tons of wooden chew blocks.
Loads of cotton rope.
100% bird safe.