1284 Huge Swing

$34.99 USD

The 1284 Huge Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is a chewable colorful massive wooden swing that's perfect for large feathered friends! This big swing includes a heavy-duty quick link attachment to hold all of the excellent colorful and natural bird-safe wood. In the keystone wood dowel in the center of the huge swing is a sturdy metal eyelid that has been screwed right into the solid wood piece. This eyelid hangs the toy from the heavy-duty quick link connector that passes through the eyelid's metal ring. This provides a solid hanger for the large swing. From here the huge arch comes down and connects to the solid wooden dowel perch. The arch is made from a sturdy metal wire that passes straight through the center of lots more natural wooden dowel pieces and colorful wooden chew blocks. Each of these chewable pieces has had clean small holes drilled in their centers that pass the metal wire. After passing through holes in the natural wooden dowel perch the metal wires end in sturdy loops. These loops have big metal bells hanging from them with a piece of natural leather tied off. The perch of the swing is a thick wooden dowel with a (1.75) inch diameter! Your pet will love to hang out on the wooden dowel while climbing, chewing, and investigating all of the other wooden pieces all over the swing. An ideal center play perch for large cages the 1284 Huge Swing makes for an awesome addition.

The 1284 Huge Swing from Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird safe and measures approximately:

Width: (19.5) inches or (19 1/2) inches

Height: (26) inches

Depth: (2.37) inches or (2 3/8) inches

Dowel Perch Diameter: (1.75) inches or (1 3/4) inches

Weight: (3) lbs (15) ounces or (58) ounces

Brightly colored large wood perch.

* Heavy-Duty Quick Link

* Great for practicing balance

* Lots of wooden chew blocks.

* 100% bird safe.