1253 Pk3 2 Inch Natural and Colored Bamboo Balls

$4.99 USD

The 1253 Pk3 2 Inch Natural Bamboo Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are outstanding foot toys for your beaked buddies! This pack includes (3) bamboo balls that are ready to play with right from the pack. These balls are woven with strips of all natural uncolored bamboo. The bamboo does hold its shape but it will yield to your pets beak as they chew apart the ball. The balls are ideal to throw and toss around the cage. They are lots of openings in the ball all around it making for perfect opportunities to stuff your pets favorite shredding or foraging material inside. You can also use your pets favorite hanging chain or twine to string the bamboo balls up to create a unique playground experience. The balls can also be broken up into smaller pieces to provide more chewing and foraging material for your pet. The balls are 100% bird safe and all natural items, so the size may vary slightly from ball to ball. approximate Each measure about (2.3) inches in diameter but again, as they are natural items this will vary from ball to ball.

  • A multiple use item.
  • Natural and bird safe.
  • Forage and foot toy.
  • 100% bird safe.