1250 Pk3 Leather Twists

$5.99 USD

The 1250 3pk Leather Twists from Bonka Bird Toys are an all around perfect foot toy for birds of any age. The simple leather twists are sure to stimulate your birds creativity and imagination as they pickup and investigate the interesting shape of the toys. Birds need fun stimulating foot toys and these leather twists will definitely entertain. There are three leather twists in each pack. The twists have been vegetable tanned giving them a nice natural look that blends into any cage. The twists will retain their shape and do spring back when pulled on. As there are natural bird safe items your pet will love to chew them apart with their beak and feel the leather texture with their feet. You can use the twists are foot toys or in a variety of different ways. They can work as chewing material to be added to other toys. You can hang them up in the cage creating a fun bouncy hanging item. They can be pulled and stretched across gaps creating a bouncing walk way! Each twist measures about (4) inches long with a (1/2) inch thickness though this will vary from twist to twist. They are 100% bird safe.

  • A great chewable, foot toy.
  • Vegetable tanned leather.
  • Can be used with other toys.
  • All bird safe material.