1130 Big 2 Step

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The 1130 Big Two Step from Bonka Bird Toys a colorful, chewable and pullable bird toy for your small to medium sized feathered friend! This blocky colorful wooden chew has lots of different wooden shapes and plenty of all natural colorful sisal rope knots. The top of this bird toy includes a quick link attachment for fast and easy cage installation,. From here a small sturdy link chain hangs down and strings through the center of the toy ending in a small metal bell on the bottom hanging from a sturdy metal ring. The small link chain passes through a cleanly drilled hole in the center of (3) different chew blocks. These chew blocks are 100% bird safe and brightly colored making them all stand out in any cage they're installed in. On each corner of the large chew blocks are a drilled hole with a colorful piece of sisal rope strung through. This sisal rope is all natural, brightly colored, bird safe and great fun to chew and pull. Hanging from each of the rope lengths are a small colorful chew block, with (8) of these smaller blocks on the bird toy. This colorful chewable eye catching bird toy is a perfect addition for cages and aviaries!

The 1130 Big Two Step is 100% bird safe and measures and weighs approximately:

Height: (11) inches

Width: (5.5) inches or (5 1/2) inches

Depth: (5) inches

  • Colorful and bird enticing toy.
  • Lots of bird safe chewable colorful wood.
  • Many lengths of colorful sisal rope.
  • 100% bird safe.