1083 Two Cane Cake

$10.99 USD

A Party in Every Peck: The 1083 Two Cane Cake is a sensational bird toy, meticulously designed to captivate and entertain your medium-sized birds. This toy is not just a plaything; it's a festive celebration, offering varied textures and engaging elements to keep your bird joyfully occupied.

Key Features:

  • Colorful Bamboo Balls: At the heart of this toy are vibrant woven bamboo balls, filled with surprises like crinkly paper, sparking curiosity and encouraging foraging behavior.
  • Cupcake Liner Delight: Adorned with paper cupcake liners, this toy provides a delightful shredding and chewing experience, catering to your bird's natural instincts.
  • Dimensions of Fun: Measuring approximately 9 inches in height and 4 inches in width, it offers ample space for play without overwhelming your bird's cage.
  • Easy to Hang: Comes with a quick link for convenient installation, transforming your bird's cage into a vibrant play area.
  • 100% Bird-Safe: Made with eco-friendly and bird-safe materials, ensuring a worry-free playtime for your feathered companions.

Why Choose the 1083 Two-Cane Cake?

  • Eliminates Boredom: Offers multiple play options, effectively alleviating cage boredom.
  • Promotes Healthy Play: Encourages natural behaviors such as foraging, shredding, and exploring.
  • Stimulates the Senses: Various textures and colors keep your bird visually and physically stimulated.
  • Durable and Safe: Crafted to withstand the enthusiastic play of medium-sized birds while ensuring their safety.

Transform Cage Time into Celebration Time: The Bonka Bird Toys 1083 Two Cane Cake is the perfect solution to enhance your bird's environment with fun and engagement. Bring this festive toy home and watch as your bird's cage turns into a non-stop party of amusement and activity!