02023 Balsa Bliss

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The 02023 Balsa Bliss let your feathered friend is a fantastic starter chew toy for the smallest of birds in your family. Three balsa Flat squares with colorful cork pegsbell will get your friend rolling to the table to chew and play on this simple but colorful toy.A simple mix of balsa flat squares and brightly colored plastic flower and gear beads will entice your bird to chew and play in a healthy playground environment.

The 02023 Balsa Bliss is 100% Bird Safe, Weighs, and measures approximately:

Weight: 2 ounce

Width: 2.7 inches

Height: 9.5 inches

Depth: 2.7 Inches


  • Great for small birds.
  • Will entice to chew and play.
  • All bird safe materials.
  • Quick link for easy cage placement