01113 Finger Trap Pagoda

$24.99 USD


The 01113 Finger Trap Pagoda is a climbable tower of colorful chewable fun! This brightly colored climbable tower looks lovely in any bird cage you install it in. The quick link attachment at the top of this toy lets you quickly hang the tower wherever you would like. All natural cotton rope that supports the structure of the tower ties into a knot at the top of the toy. This knots around a small metal ring that hangs from the quick link connector. There are (3) levels of wooden sticks that are very easy for pet birds to perch and grab onto. The wooden sticks have Chinese finger traps covering them creating a perfect place for beaks and feet. The Chinese finger traps are also colored and really make the tower stand out in any aviary. Separating each of the wooden levels are stacks of colorful plastic wavy rings with a wooden bead on the top and bottom. The natural cotton rope the bird toy is made with knots off on the bottom making for an ideal preening area. The 01113 Finger Trap Pagoda is 100% bird safe and weighs under (10) ounces. The bird toy measures about (13) inches tall by (7) inches deep.

  • Colorful climbable bird tower.
  • Lots of chewable colorful materials.
  • Very comfortable for pet birds to climb on.
  • 100% bird safe.