01113 Finger Trap Pagoda

$24.99 USD

  • Unleash a world of colorful, climbable fun with the 01113 Finger Trap Pagoda from Bonka Bird Toys. Designed for small to medium-sized birds, this tower of joy blends vibrant colors and chewable elements to create a paradise for playful beaks and curious minds.

    Features That Excite:

    • Climbable Tower Structure: Crafted with birds in mind, the pagoda offers multiple levels for climbing, ensuring your pet stays active.
    • Colorful Chinese Finger Traps: Covering wooden perches, these traps provide a unique and chewable surface for birds, encouraging natural chewing behavior.
    • Versatile Play: Equipped with colorful plastic wavy rings and wooden beads, this toy stimulates your bird's senses and promotes mental engagement.
    • Cotton Rope Base: The natural cotton rope, knotted at both ends, adds a soft touch and serves as an excellent material for preening, supporting overall feather health.

    Built for Safety and Fun:

    Measuring approximately 13 inches tall by 7 inches deep and weighing under 10 ounces, the Finger Trap Pagoda is the perfect size for your avian adventurer. The quick link attachment ensures easy installation, making it a hassle-free addition to your bird's cage.

    Why Choose the Finger Trap Pagoda?

    • Promotes active play and exercise, helping to prevent boredom and stimulate physical health.
    • Offers a safe chewing outlet, made with 100% bird-safe materials for peace of mind.
    • Adds a splash of color to your bird's environment, enhancing the cage's aesthetic appeal.

    Transform your bird's cage into a vibrant playland with the 01113 Finger Trap Pagoda. Not just a toy but a journey to explore, climb, and chew, it's the perfect way to keep your feathered friend engaged and happy.