00687 Firecracker Jr

$18.99 USD

00687 Firecracker Jr. will give your small to medium sized feathered friend an explosive time when you add this to their surroundings. The cylindrical bird toy is made from a wrapped seagrass mat, palm fiber, leather, wood beads and slats, paper donuts, and stuffed crinkly paper, what more could your cherished friend ask for when he goes on his preening, chewing, and shredding adventure? It measures approximately 13 inches long, 7 inches high and 4 inches in diameter, comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.
  • Lots of chewable, explosive fun.
  • Stuffed with plenty of paper shreds to pull out and preen.
  • Made of all bird safe materials.
  • Quick link for easy placement.
  • Made in the USA.

Also available: 00700 Firecracker Sr.