00625 Olympic Chewy Ring Bird Toy

$14.99 USD

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The 00625 Chewy Ring is the perfect chewable delight to liven up your pet's aviary! This bird toy has many chewable materials that feel great in beaks and feet. The top of the bird toy has a natural cotton string hanging all of the parts of the 00625 Chewy Ring. At the top, there is an excellent bird-safe colorful chewable wooden slat. Your pet will find many more slats hanging throughout the toy, making it move around when your pet plays. Hanging between the wooden slats are medium-sized colorful cardboard chew rings. These rings are held to the toy with a cotton string loop and are just begging to be grabbed and chewed! The bottom of the bird toy has a small size chew ring that makes for another enticing pulling object! The 00625 Chew Ring is 100% bird-safe and measures about (14) inches tall by (4) inches wide.
  • Lots of chewable materials.
  • Bright colors and easy-to-grab items.
  • Perfect for pulling and chewing.
  • 100% bird safe.
  • Made in the USA.