00559 Polly Preener

$7.99 USD


The 00559 Polly Preener from Bonka Bird Toys is an excellent small sized shredding and foraging toy for your small feathered friend. This small bird toy has great natural material and colorful textures to keep your pet happy! The top of this toy has a small quick link attachment at the top making for easy hanging and hangs the body of the toy. A small natural piece of twine knots around the link connector and strings down to the small natural vine ball. This twine is adorned with colorful plastic beads. The small vine ball is very easy for pets to chew and foraging with their beaks and feet. The vine ball has also been stuffed with colorful shredding paper. Hanging from the bottom is another piece of natural twine adorned with colorful plastic beads. This twine knots around a small metal ring that hangs longs strips of natural foraging material. This material is super easy for pets to grab with their beak and feet. There is a colorful small plastic square right on the bottom for more pulling fun! The 00559 Polly Preener is 100% bird safe and measures about (2) inches wide with a (9) inch height.

  • Small colorful foraging toy.
  • Easy to shred vine and paper.
  • Great for pets of all ages and abilities.
  • 100% bird safe.
  • Made in the USA.