1308 Pk3 Rattle Dumbbell

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The 1308 Pk3 Rattle Dumbbell from Bonka Bird Toys are easy to play with lightweight foot toys birds of all ages can have fun with! These foot toys are straightforward, simple and a whole lot of fun! The pack includes (3) brightly colored two-toned rattle dumbbells. These foot toys are chunky in design making it easy for pets to grab them with their beak and feet. The bars for each of the dumbbell have ribs on them giving your pet an even better grip when they interact with the dumbbell. The ribs on the center bars allow them to grab them with their talons and beaks too! The dumbbells each have a (2) color tone the outer half being a bright bird pleasing color. The rattles have lots of openings making perfect spots for your pet to grab on to. The size of the dumbbells make them fun for pets to interact with, lets them comfortable carry them and has the dumbbells stand out in any cage you install them in.

The 1308 Pk3 Rattle Dumbbell is 100% bird safe and each single dumbbell weighs and measures approximately:

Length: (4.37) inches or (4 3/8)

Width at rattle: (1.62) inches or (1 5/8)

Weight: Under (1) ounce

  • Easy to play with foot toys!
  • Bright bird pleasing colors.
  • Includes (3) dumbbells in the pack.
  • 100% bird safe.


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