2583 Big Stick Ball

$18.99 USD

Twin-Tiered Excitement Take your bird's playtime to new heights with the 2583 Big Stick Ball Bird Toy, expertly designed for double the enjoyment. This dynamic accessory is an essential upgrade for any small to medium-sized bird's habitat, offering twice the fun of our beloved 1351 Stick Ball Bird Toy.

Product Features:

  • Dual Sturdy Pine Wood Slats: Vibrant, safe, and chewable pine slats in a double-layered array for endless pecking fun.
  • Interactive Plastic Balls: Two tiers of engaging plastic balls provide exciting manipulation challenges, amplifying daily play.
  • Robust Leather Strap Integration: Enhanced durability and longevity with leather straps that withstand rigorous tugs and twists.
  • Expanded Dimensions: Standing at 12 inches in height and 5 inches in width, it brings more fun without compromising space efficiency.

Weight and Attachment:

  • Hearty and Hangable: Weigh a mere 9 ounces, making it simple to install while ensuring the comfort of your bird's living area.
  • Convenient Attachment: Features a pet-friendly, secure clasp for hassle-free installation.

Engagement and Enrichment:

  • Stimulating Design: A double dose of textures and shapes to keep your bird's mind and body thoroughly entertained.
  • Twice Approved by Pets: A dual-layered design that's doubly adored, fostering an amplified sense of safety and amusement.

Benefits for Your Bird:

  • Promotes Essential Behaviors: Encourages twice the foraging and preening, vital for your bird's happiness and health.
  • Combats Destructive Habits: Offers an enhanced outlet for energy, helping to prevent unwanted behaviors like feather plucking or excessive screeching.

How to Integrate into Your Bird's Routine:

  • Central Placement: Hang in a prime spot where your bird can enjoy it throughout the day.
  • Rotational Variety: Pair with different toys to keep the environment fresh and engaging.
  • Interactive Bonding: Watch your bird play and interact, reinforcing your bond through shared activity.

Easy Maintenance:

  • A Breeze to Clean: Straightforward cleaning process for a consistently clean play area.

Double Delight Awaits Introduce the 2583 Big Stick Ball Bird Toy to your feathered companion's collection for twice the interaction and exploration. A product that's not just designed but doubled in approval by pets, it's a standout choice for the caring and attentive bird owner. Add this twin-tiered treasure to your cart today and deliver a symphony of fun and exploration to your bird's life!