879 Chain Waterfall

$19.99 USD

The 879 Medium Chain Waterfall from Bonka Bird Toys is an exciting sensory thriller for your medium to large feathered friend. The top of the toy has a heavy duty quick link attachment with a small sturdy chain hanging from it. There are acrylic colorful dice and a colored bead that this chain string through. On top of the wooden dowel there is a knot of 100% cotton rainbow colored rope. Hanging from the wooden dowel there are (6) metal loops with a small sturdy chain hanging from each. These chains have been strung through more acrylic dice and plastic beads, all of them brightly colored. On the bottom of the chains there are plastic shapes for fun pulling and (2) medium metal bells. Coming down the middle of the wooden dowel is the main chain and this has even more acrylic colored dice, colorful wooden beads and acrylic pacifiers hanging from the bottom. There is so much for your pet on the 879 Medium Chain Waterfall. The colors, the materials and the eye appealing shape are sure to make it your pets favorite toy.
The 879 Chain Waterfall is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:
Height: (14.5) inches or (14 1/2) inches
Width: (9.5) inches or (9 1/2) inches
Depth: (2) inches
Weight: Under (10) ounces
  • An amazing array of colors and materials.
  • Perfect as a central play toy in your pets cage.
  • Provides preening, pulling and chewing activities.
  • 100% bird safe.