The 1054 Big Fun Bucket is a immaculate choice for your medium to large birds. It can be used to entertain or feed your pet bird. Read more about it here.

1054 Big Fun Bucket

The Bonka Bird Toys 1054 Big Fun Bucket is a small stainless steel bucket with a stainless steel handle with 2 stainless steel spoons hanging from the side and 5 colorful acrylic rings all hanging from a sturdy link chain. The bird bucket can also be used as a bird bowl and is easy to clean.

The 1054 Big Fun Bucket bird toy is useful, reflective, durable, multipurpose and classic. The 1054 Big Fun Bucket bird toy is an exciting way to feed your bird or just give treats to your medium to large sized pet bird. This option is very durable and easy to maintain and comes with a quick link for easy cage placement. This toy gives your bird the option of pulling, tugging, chewing, pecking, making noise, and even climbing all in one. And lets not forget about the mirror like reflection that all species of birds seem to love because they get to look at their fine-looking reflection. The 1054 Big Fun Bucket is also very easy to clean.The Big Fun Bucket measures approximately 15 inches high by 6 1/2 inches wide. Tugging and pulling on the stainless steel spoons produce a captivating sound when hitting the bucket upon release and we all know pet birds love making noise. Your feathered friend can climb on or around this product and may even go inside the bucket from time to time for a game of hide and seek. The materials used to make this toy are completely 100% bird safe. This toy offers many attributes that birds of all different species look and are intrigued by while playing. 

January 01, 1970 — Bonka Bird Toys

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