The 1805 Wookie, a simple yet elegant option for your bird. Medium to large birds are able to pull, chew, swing and generate noise. Learn more about it here.

1805 Wookie

The 1805 Wookie is made of stainless steel spoons and resplendent acrylic pacifiers hanging from a multi cylindrical center body with moveable internal plastic beads. Limitless options will entertain your bird for infinite quantities of time. This toy is made of bullet proof plastic construction.

The bird will be able to pull and chew and generate noise from the acrylic pacifiers as well as the stainless spoons which have a mirror like reflection giving your feathered friend the option to stare at its handsome self. This toy is a great sensory noise maker, by utilizing this toy your feathered friend can make sounds that will be appealing to its ears. This option is visually and physically flawless. The Bonka Bird Toy 1805 Wookie measures approximately 11 inches high by 4 inches wide and comes complete with a sturdy link chain and a quick link for easy cage placement. The wookie can be hung inside or outside the cage and all materials used on this toy are completely harmless to birds. Most of the species that will enjoy playtime with this toy for example include cockatiels, grey parrots, finches, parakeets, medium to large conures, medium to large macaws, cockatoos, amazon parrots, and lovebirds and many many more. We are dedicated to our craft here at Bonka Bird Toys and we know exactly what birds like and what keeps them going. The plastic that the 1805 Wookie is made with is very shiny and will grab your birds attention every time it moves. The internal plastic beads on the multi cylindrical center body move and are easily interacted with.

January 01, 1970 — Bonka Bird Toys

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