Tug Me

It’s the wonderful, “Tug Me” toy! And just the name invites your bird to tug and pull and attempt to untie the knots! It’s “dangly” and those dangly strand can even move both ways through the colorful wooden base. Parker the African Grey will lose his mind when he gets ahold of one of these toys. 

Parker is kind of a ‘texture” guy anyway. And this bird toy has to many textures to offer! There is that brightly wooden base that all of the dangly bits are strung through that can be chewed and gnawed on. And then you have all of those leather strands that are begging to be chewed on that are adorned with those fabulous plastic beads. Parker is a huge bead and leather dude anyway so this toy is right up his alley. Parker, also known as “Dr. Destructo,” has taken a liking to snapping those plastic beads right in half and then of course he whips the halves of the beans right onto the floor where they lay there just begging to get jammed in my Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. He’s such a pal.
But what is probably going to be most appealing to him is the combination of the texture of plastic with the texture of the leather. He just loves that, “Two for the price of one” texture thing. And this toy has it in spades.
This toy also presents a challenge to him. Those knots are just itching to be untied. Parker has been untying knots since he was very young. I did see him make an attempt to tie a knot a few times. He had a toy on his play stand that he was messing around with and he dropped it. So he made his way to the bottom of the play stand to pick it up and drag it back to the top again only to drop it once more.
Now Parker had seen me tie toys up to the stand with strands of leather. I simply couldn’t believe it when I saw him attempting to thread a piece of leather through the toy and tie a knot. It was wild to watch and gave me a glimpse of his intelligence!
African Greys are amazing. And so is this toy.

1872 Tug Me.

1872 Tug Me, a colorful beak sensation, your small to medium-sized feathered friends will just love to climb, pull and chew over this explosion of color.

Jul 1st 2016 Patricia Sund

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