The Little Weave.

Parrots love to preen. But sometimes they can get a little overenthusiastic or just want to preen something other than themselves. 

Many parrots are just simply into texture. They enjoy chewing on fuzzy textures, or enjoy the feeling of the fibers on their feathers. I have one African Grey who simply likes sitting underneath a soft and stringy hanging toy and letting the fibers tickle her.
I think of it almost like getting your hair brushed. You can brush your hair all day long, but if someone else brushes you hair, it simply feels better. I think that is what is going on with a bird who sit under one of these.
It’s a very simple toy that lacks any real overthinking. Sometimes it is the simple toys that parrots react to the most positively. Parker, my African Grey is a “Two-fer” kind of bird. He has to get two textures going on at the same time. He would probably immediately get a strand of this into his mouth along with some leather or a bead hanging from some hemp twine and joyfully chew away for a while. I never said Parker was a normal bird!
The simplicity of the Little Weave speaks for itself. A bird doesn’t have to figure out. There are no puzzles, no parts to turn, no widgets to get frustrated with. They really don't have to do anything except enjoy the soft cotton fibers any way they see fit. It is eight inches long and about three inches wide and as you can see, it’s very colorful and soft.
Sometimes the simple toys are the way to go with some birds. They don’t have to think about this toy and it is extremely non-threatening for the ones who are still a bit fearful of toys. It’s just a bundle of fun that can be chewed on, preened, swung from and they can simply sit next to it and enjoy the feeling of the strands on their feathers.

50062 Platinum Tweeter Little Weave.

50062 Little weave is a great preening toy for the small to medium-sized feathered companions in your life.

May 31st 2016 Patricia Sund

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