The Foraging Bullet.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Oh, I like this! This is the Foraging Bullet. (‪#‎FB‬) It’s a colorful, plastic open-ended container that screams, “Mess with me!”
There is a lot to this toy. For one thing, it’s contoured in the middle so it’s easily pick up by little talons. It can also be picked up by the opening edge so there is a lot of opportunity for handling and playing with this toy. And the potential?
Here’s what you can do with it. You can stuff it with crinkly paper, and add some treats to provide a foraging opportunity.
I can see filling it with small with treats and small bits of cardboard and Parker would be rolling this thing around the bottom of his play gym working up a sweat trying to get the treats out. His big on rolling round objects around and chasing after them. I have no idea where he picked this up but I think it might have something to do with discovering his intense love for playing with large yet light objects like an empty water bottle.
I had an empty one-liter water bottle sitting on the living room floor next to the coffee table and couch where I write. I was wailing away on the laptop and really not paying much attention to Parker when all of a sudden I heard some rattling. The little demon had flown off of his play gym to his house, climbed down and toddled over to investigate the bottle. He managed to knock it over like the little ninja he is and was busily smacking it and hitting it with his head so that it would roll down the hall ahead of him.
The Foraging Bullet is pretty much the same thing with some advantages. For one thing, it’s colorful, it has that contouring and it’s smaller so it’s less intimidating than a water bottle. The ridges give it some texture making it a versatile and fun toy birds can smack around and roll. And the price is easy to live with: 2.99 is a price I can live with considering the versatility and potential of this toy. The Foraging Bullet: A toy that is begging to be played with!

Foraging Bullet.

Foraging bullet is made of a colorful, pliable plastic that has a small open end which lets you hide a treat inside, thus giving you a foraging foot toy that your medium to large-sized feathered friend will just adore.

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May 6th 2016 Patricia Sund

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