The Big Box Clanger.

IT’S AN ACTION TOY! This just might be the perfect toy for those birds who want to get a response from the very thing they are playing with. Just like bells make noise as a response to being shaken, this toy will make noise when your curious bird pulls on the bottom-hanging spoons. 

I like how the toy responds to the bird. Most companion birds love interaction and this toy fits the bill. It’s colorful and has lots of items on it to mess around with. Parker is big on stainless steel toys. but it’s Pepper who has a love for the stainless steel spoons.
She has a toy very similar to this that has both stainless steel spoons as well as stainless steel measuring cups and she will clang the toy on cue. She’s very proud when you give her the cue, “Pepper! Do pots and pans!” And she will deliberately go over to the toy and start banging away to earn a well-deserved almond.
This toy is a bit more complicated than that in that pepper would have to learn to pull just the bottom spoons of the toy to get the desired effect. This might be a great toy for her to “graduate” to.
The big box clanger bird toy is a durable and washable toy, (And you know how important that is.) that measures fourteen inches high and it is about three inches wide so it isn’t a flimsy toy at all.
It is perfect for the active guys who like to interact with toys that make noise and clang around disrupting your phone call to the phone company trying to track down why your online payment hasn’t been posted as of yet. Well, we all love irritating the phone company. And it is even better when we can blame someone else for making all of that racket.

1837 Big Box Clanger.

1837 big box clanger bird toy is a pull-down toy that will make music to your medium to large sized feathered friends.

Aug 31st 2016 Patricia Sund

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