Large Square Woven Foot Toy.

My Greys love small foot toys. They provide a lot of fun and stimulation because of their size. In some cases, a diminutive toys like this brightly colored woven little cube of palm leaves is more fun than a hanging toy. 

Here is why these are a nice alternative to the hanging toy. This toy is infinitely mobile. It can be picked up, rolled around, carried up to a perch and dropped from there. A parrot can chew it, carry it in her beak or hold it with her foot. She can throw it or simply rest her talons on it.
It gives your bird more freedom to do what she wants with it. In other words, it is the ultimate portable toy.
Foot toys can provide another aspect of play that they cannot get from a hanging toy and that is why I think they are a toy classification that should be present in their environment. It provides yet another type of stimulation and enrichment that a hanging toy simply is incapable of providing by the very nature of the fact that a hanging toy is fixed. It may be able to swing and make noise, but it cannot really be moved around like a foot toy can. In other words, this little guy adds more possibilities in playing.
It is made of woven palm leaves and the square shape enables your parrot another shape and a different sort of structure to have in her environment. Round balls are everywhere. But this square shape provides yet another “difference” to her world that might appeal to her.
Sometimes, something as small as changing up the shape or size of something might appeal to a parrot. You never know what that minor difference is going to be that makes a toy more fun.
Providing a small change such as changing the shape of something might make all the difference in the world.

Jul 22nd 2016 Patricia Sund

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