Large Buster Foraging.

1912 Large Buster Foraging.

What a mess! This “mess” is a bonanza for any bird that just can’t settle down with one toy. There are so many textures, nooks crannies and angles that any bird would just be itching to mess with. Starting from the top, it has that unruly mop of cotton rope that birds just love to pull on and try to yank off the toy. Then there are those brightly colored wooden oblong blocks of wood birds like to attempt to chew to bits. And it has that very inviting vine ball at the bottom that is so easy to chew to bits. That vine ball is enough to get any bird started on such a wildly arranged toy. 

What I think a bird would enjoy about this toy is the “busy” factor. There are just so many blocks and colors going on that it’s a dream for any bird that simply can’t make up their mind on what to attack first.
My African Grey, Parker is a “two for the price of one” kind of bird. He can’t just chew on one thing. If he has a toy with a leather strip near it, he has to get the leather into his beak and then gather another part of the toy and chew them together. Just one texture? Nope. Parker has to have two textures in his mouth and if one of them is leather, he’s a happy boy.
All parrots have a different way of playing and a different method of approaching a toy. And just when you think there is only one way to play with it, you notice that they have invented an entirely new way of playing. For one parrot, this might be a chew toy. For another? Well, they might just want to climb all over it or may get a foot wrapped around a part of the toy and swing from it.
The Large Buster Foraging toy is 20 inch high by about 8 inches wide and it’s such a versatile toy, it would most likely appeal to even the fussiest of birds. The playing opportunities on this toy seem endless! Get one for your flock today!

1912 Large Buster Foraging.

1912 Large Buster Foraging is a plethora of dangling fun for your medium to large sized feathered friends.

May 19th 2016 Patricia Sund

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